Suboptimal US Response to COVID-19 Despite Robust Capabilities

JAMA Network has an interesting article on the handling of the pandemic in the US.

Several factors may help explain why the US has struggled more than many other countries to suppress COVID-19, and the GHS Index may provide some possible insights. Despite its top overall ranking on the index, the US received a low score on a key factor that can determine how well a country is able to react to a pandemic: public confidence in the government. The US is one of only a small number of high-income countries in the Index that received the lowest possible score on public confidence in the government. Poor confidence in the government can undermine the public’s adherence with disease-control measures, such as wearing masks or stay-at-home recommendations, and has been reported among the existing challenges to the US COVID-19 response.

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Suboptimal US Response to COVID-19 Despite Robust Capabilities

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